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E-Liquid (Refill for E-Cigarettes) for sale

they are many types available this are just examples of each brand
British Gold Exclusive Tobacco 10ml E-Liquid

British Gold Exclusive brings you the divine deep flavour of fine tobacco and then just a hint of caramel to sweeten the experience.

Traditional tobacco e-liquid flavours are one of the most popular and British Gold Tobacco is no exception. This liquid has a great length of flavour, always a sign of quality, allowing you to savour the moment.

British Gold Tobacco is produced in the UK and gives you a quality vaping experience every time you use it.
$05.00 USD
Blueberry Bang 10ml E-Liquid

Blueberry Bang is a premium e-liquid that packs a real blueberry punch. The intense flavour of blueberries is hard to beat and with Blueberry Bang this is all you will get, sweet and pure.

For those who enjoy fruit flavoured liquids, this is an experience that is not to be missed and will make a cherished addition to your vaping collection.

Blueberry Bang is a simple but intense when it comes to flavour and sometimes less is more.

$05.00 USD
Red Fusion 10ml E-Liquid

Red Fusion brings together a cacophony of juicy red berries who’s flavours pop and dance on the tongue. Added to this is spicy aniseed that brings an element of complexity to the table. To top the whole thing off there are is menthol and the taste of black grapes running through to provide even more cool sweetness.

Red Fusion is a sophisticated vaping experience with a fruity body of flavour that lies above cloud of spicy menthol bliss!
$05.00 USD
BVC Coil Pack

BVC (bottom vertical coils) coils are manufactured to the highest of standards and are designed to be used with all of our BVC clearomizers including the ETS BVC Glassomizer.

In terms of performance BVC coils operate at 1.8 Oms and will give you a smooth, flavourful vape.

The pack contains 5 coils and depending on how often you vape, each coil will last you up to a maximum of 30 days. BVC are premium standard coils that will provide you with a premium standard vape.

$05.00 USD
Virginia Hand Rolling Tobacco 10ml E-Liquid

Virginia Hand Rolling Tobacco has warm satisfying and moreish tones that make for a great all day vape.

The state of Virginia in the USA has a long and rich history of hand rolling tobacco production and it is this legacy that has served as the inspiration for this e-liquid.

Virginia Hand Rolling Tobacco is a mature and well-rounded e-liquid that is produced in the UK and tips it’s hat to the good old US of A.
$05.00 USD
Black ICE Blast 10ml E-Liquid

Black Ice Blast is a cunning concoction that blends sweet autumn blackberries with a super chilled helping of menthol.

The inhale is cool with tones of tart sweetness from the blackberries and the exhale gives you lashings of frosty menthol.

Black Ice Blast is like skiing through a forest of sweet smelling pine trees, Black Ice Blast will invigorate you and bring you to life.

$05.00 USD
Sub-Zero ICED Mint 10ml E-Liquid

Sub Zero Iced Mint is a cosmopolitan blend of minty mayhem that acts as a great pick-me-up.

No e-liquid collection would be complete without this fresh, menthol mainstay that helps you feel fresh and sharp.

Sub Zero Ice is like vaping a Mojito on a hot sunny day in Havana. Cool, laid-back, but with an icy edge that will keep you one step ahead of the pack.
$05.00 USD
USA Kentucky Tobacco 10ml E-Liquid

USA Kentucky Tobacco is a smoky flavoured e-liquid that is inspired by the smoky Caribbean food flavours found in the American deep south.

The inhale gives you the deep taste of tobacco, while the exhale brings out the smoky BBQ tones.

Tobacco flavoured e-liquids are always well received and USA Kentucky Tobacco is no different. It occupies a position in our top ten most popular liquids and once tried will be a permanent fixture in your e-liquid collection.

$05.00 USD
Triple Menthol ICE 10ml E-Liquid

Triple Menthol Ice is an invigorating e-liquid that gives you a huge kick of cool mint and a sharp flavour that is truly unforgettable.

Imagine plunging into an Icelandic lake, the refreshing and breath-taking experience is what you can expect from this premium liquid that is produced in the UK.

Triple Menthol Ice is a minty revelation and a moment on the lips will leave you in no doubt that it needs to be a regular visitor to you e-liquid collection.
$05.00 USD
Strawberry Velvet 10ml E-Liquid

Strawberry Velvet is aptly named and once you have experienced the super smooth, creamy, strawberry sensations that it has to offer, we’re sure you will agree.

Imagine having a picnic in an English country garden with locally picked strawberries, smothered in thick double cream and then eaten slowly as to savour every mouthful. This experience served as an inspiration for Strawberry Velvet - a quintessentially English romance.

Strawberry Velvet is made in the UK and so you can be sure of outstanding quality and satisfaction with every vape.

$05.00 USD

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